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The Rottweiler Club of NSW is dedicated to the training, socialising, advancement and protection of this wonderful breed through education and responsible ownership.

For those of us who have had the pleasure of the company of our Rottweilers we have found a community of enthuasiatic owners and breeders with whom we can share experiences, events and proudly compete in shows.

Visitors are welcome to come and watch and we warmly welcome other dog breeds to join in on our training nights..

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Weekly Obedience and Socialisation Sessions

Unavailable at the moment, please conact
Wendy 0409829245 for further information

Obedience Contact: Rony Ptycia 02 9757 3671

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notice regarding docking

Current laws in NSW (and most of Australia) now prohibit the docking of tails of any dog. Please do not ask any breeders to dock the tail of any puppy, as they would be committing an offence if they did so. For further information please visit this link:

Traditionally, tail docking was performed when the puppies were newly born within days. This  
was prior to their neurological development and caused no harm or distress to the puppies.
If a tail was docked at any older age, this is no longer refered to as "docking", but an amputation.
All forms of docking and amputation are now prohibited by law in NSW for routine, prophylactic or cosmetic reasons, and no ethical breeder or vet will perform this surgery. If the animals welfare is at stake - ie: dog or puppy has irreparable tail damage, then vets are permitted to perform an amputation, however this must be well documented.
Please respect the laws of this state, and don't promote or request the illegal docking of tails.

logo Buyers Beware of sellers who do not provide registration papers with their pups.  Canine Council regulations are that all pups must be sold with papers, whether they are Limited Register or Main Register.  You also need these papers to 'transfer' the dog into your name with the Canine Council with their states canine control, Dogs NSW is the canine body in NSW.

Club Members, to advertise on this site, please contact the club secretary for all the details and rates..


logo Our 2008 show sponsors are Limelight Paintings. Have your beloved Rottweiler immortalised in oil on canvas and delivered to your door!!

Buying a Rottweiler

logo Some important issues and technicalities are involved in buying a rottweiler. Some important questions and research will assit in getting value for your investment.

Thinking of breeding ?

logo When breeding rottweilers, those breeders are required to register with the reputable breeders database to ensure that the standards set by the association are met.  .